Thin Clients compatible with UDS Enterprise

by | Jan 11, 2018

In addition to PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets, the UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker supports Thin Clients as connection clients, thus optimizing the costs of a VDI infrastructure, as it is usually a cheaper option.

UDS Enterprise supports all the Thin Clients in the market, including devices such as Raspberry Pi or Chromebox, although it is convenient to take into account the power of the terminal in question and the use we are going to make of the virtual desktops to offer the user the experience he desires. For example, if we want to play a video, the device will have to have a minimum of processing power to work properly.

Although there are no limitations related to the hardware, it is necessary to verify the operating system that it incorporates to ensure compatibility with the VDI connection broker. Thin Clients with Windows OS shouldn’t be a problem, they are all compatible since they include the RDP connection protocol and allow the installation of the UDS client (UDS Plugin) and a basic hardware configuration, with 2 processors and at least 1-2 GB of RAM.

In the case of Thin Clients with Linux OS, UDS Enterprise will support all those that allow updates and the installation of third-party software, specifically the installation of UDS client (UDS Plugin) and the client of the chosen connection protocol (freeRDP, X2Go…).

UDS Enterprise has also customized images ready to work for some thin client manufacturers such as the ThinPro distribution included in HP devices, in addition to other very light distributions recommended for this type of devices such as ThinStation.

UDS Enterprise is also capable of running a plenty of DELL ThinClients since it is compatible with the Wyse protocol, which is included in many of these devices. In this case, access would be to virtual desktops only.

If the Thin Client in question comes with a closed OS (does not allow the installation of software) but allows the installation of a different OS, for example, Ubuntu compatibility and operation with UDS Enterprise are guaranteed.

Finally, in case the OS is closed but includes a current web browser that supports HTML5, it would also be supported by UDS Enterprise, but only to access via HTML5 and with certain limitations, such as the correct synchronization of audio and video, and the redirection of devices (printers, scanners, smart cards…) will not be possible.

In short, practically all Thin Clients with Windows OS are compatible with UDS Enterprise and the only ones with Linux OS that are not compatible are those with closed operating systems that don’t allow to install other OS and without HTML5 web browser.



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