Top 5: We compile the best posts on VDI technology of 2020

by | Dec 24, 2020

When there are only a few days left to say goodbye to this unusual year, we have compiled the Top 5 of the most read articles in our blog in 2020. As you may know, we strive to keep our readers up-to-date with the most outstanding news about virtualization in general, desktop and application virtualization in particular, Open Source technologies, and announcements, news, and case studies with UDS Enterprise, our software for VDI, vApp and remote access to physical and virtual machines.

Without further ado, we present the ranking of our five best posts of 2020:

  1. VDI with UDS Enterprise in the XCP-ng forum. This article announces the creation of a specific thread about UDS Enterprise in the forum of the Open Source hypervisor based on Xen Server. The possibility of building an open, highly efficient and cost-effective VDI infrastructure has made the UDS Enterprise + XCP-ng joint solution the most popular option for desktop virtualization projects for those seeking alternative solutions to the licensed ones and to avoid vendor lock-in.

  2. UDS Enterprise 3.0 supports Proxmox for Windows and Linux VDI. This post relates the incorporation of Proxmox Virtual Environment to the list of service providers supported by UDS Enterprise. Proxmox compatibility was one of the most demanded requests by our community of partners, customers and users. Following our philosophy of adapting our product roadmap to the received requests, the development team added this KVM-based virtualization platform, which brings simplicity and flexibility to VDI deployments.

  3. Telecommuting and IT security in the days of Covid-19. As expected, the pandemic has made a place in our Top 5. The third most read article on our blog talks about the importance of taking into account all the necessary security measures when adopting a remote working infrastructure. The urgency with which organizations had to establish telecommuting due to lockdown pushed security into the background, something that cybercriminals have taken advantage of to put many companies in check.

  4. FSM Group: remote access & vApp with UDS for telecommuting. This Case Study discloses the keys to the application virtualization and remote access to physical devices project of this Canarian company. Thanks to UDS Enterprise, in just five days they implemented an efficient remote work system so that their employees could continue to carry out their professional tasks from home. They put special focus on shielding the security of their IT infrastructure to guarantee the integrity of their data and systems

  5. UC enables remote access to computers with UDS Enterprise. Like all educational centers, with the expansion of Covid-19, the University of Cantabria had to find the best way for its students to continue with their lessons from their homes with total normality. To do this, and with the collaboration of the UDS Enterprise team, they launched the “UNICAN Labs” project in record time, which provides remote access to around 1,500 campus computers at any time, from any place and device.

With this ranking we say goodbye to the year in the same way we started it: striving to produce interesting content on virtualization, VDI and Open Source. From here we wish you a merry Christmas and a year 2021 full of health, love and happiness.



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