Top open source projects to watch in 2017

by | Jan 5, 2017

No one has a crystal ball to see the future of technology. Even for projects developed out in the open. So which new projects should an open source developer watch in 2017? These are the best Open Source projects that should be watched in 2017:

Yarn: Is a modern replacement for npm, a package manager built specifically for JavaScript developers.

Create React App: Is a template for creating React-based applications without having to create a custom build configuration.

Android Architecture Blueprints: Is a repositoryg resource for learning from the UX team at Google practices for organizing and architecting an Android app.

Hyper: Is merging web application with terminal emulator, creating a modern terminal experience with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Parse server: Is a Node.js-based open source backend.

Bulma: Is a modern CSS framework easing development for UX teams trying to design interfaces that flow naturally.

TensorFlow models: TensorFlow, the Google-driven machine learning framework.

Anime: Is a JavaScript animation engine that works with CSS, SVG, the document object, and JavaScript objects to bring animation and interactivity to any web-based project.

Swift Algorithm Club: A collection of various algorithms and data structures implemented in Swift that you can use for learning purposes or simply drop into your application.

Weex: A framework designed to make developing a cross-platform user interface for mobile applications easier.




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