Tutorial to install UDS, vApp Linux and OpenNebulaConf

by | Nov 5, 2019

As usual, in this post we collect the most-read articles in our blog during the last month of October.

The new video tutorial that details the full installation and configuration process of our connection broker for Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications has been the most visited post. You can read it in the following link: New video tutorial: How to install and configure UDS for VDI.

In second place we find another article that also talks about a collateral recently published by the UDS Enterprise team to help IT administrators in their deployments with our VDI and vApp broker. In this case it’s a guide including all the steps and configurations to deploy and manage Linux virtual applications with UDS. This new manual can be consulted and downloaded here: New tech guide: Linux vApp with UDS Enterprise.

Finally, the list of the most-read posts in October is closed by the announcement of the presentation offered by our technology partner NodeWeaver at the annual OpenNebula event. In the talk, it was explained how to build a cloud VDI infrastructure with UDS, NodeWeaver & Packet in just 30 minutes.



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