UDS automates overflows between on-premises and cloud

by | May 17, 2023

The Meta Pools, integrated into UDS Enterprise, allow configuring a secure hybrid environment by joining all available platforms, both licensed and free and open source.

Challenges of cloud adoption

Cloud adoption has become an essential strategy for all organizations, hence the growing trend of migrating digital workplaces to the cloud. However, this paradigm shift presents significant challenges that are often overlooked. Tedious manual configurations, lack of visibility on costs, and loss of control over data security are some of them.

Virtual Cable’s solution

To address these challenges, Virtual Cable has developed an innovative technology that enables the combination of on-premise and cloud infrastructures, managing them centrally from a single administration panel and configuring automatic overflows between them. The company’s goal is to provide customers with an intelligent tool to optimize their existing resources and utilize the cloud to achieve gradual and unlimited scalability, helping them efficiently manage demand peaks without skyrocketing expenses.

Meta Pools and UDS Enterprise

The disruptive Meta Pools, integrated into Virtual Cable’s UDS Enterprise VDI solution, allow configuring a secure hybrid environment by joining all available platforms, both licensed and free and open source. Thanks to this development, each organization has the freedom to decide how they want to configure their infrastructure, combining the advantages offered by their on-premise scenario with those of any public or private cloud. The system naturally adapts to the requirements of each project. Administrators can automate workload distribution and prioritization according to the needs of each moment, ensuring high availability of workspaces that are accessible 24×7 from anywhere and any device.

Cost optimization and security

This automation enables efficient use of virtual machines, resulting in significant cost reduction through automated machine startup and shutdown and the ability to configure access schedules to pay only for the exact time consumed in the cloud.

Javier González, Technical Director of Virtual Cable, highlights that this technology “includes an additional layer of security with multi-factor authentication, Zero Trust policies, and data encryption. Meta Pools come standard in all our solutions designed to digitize workstations with virtual desktops and applications or configure remote access to physical devices. Both our UDS Cloud family, which offers pay-per-use products optimized for AWS, Azure, and Huawei Cloud, and our solutions for different sectors, incorporate this new development.” The latter are compatible with VMware vCloud Director, OpenStack-based clouds, any virtualization platform, and hyper-converged systems.

Virtual Cable’s approach to the cloud is based on providing tools for customers to leverage its benefits with flexibility and caution, testing its advantages with small workloads before risking the company’s budget.



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