UDS Enterprise 3.5 Release Candidate is out!

by | Dec 16, 2021

Virtual Cable is pleased to announce the launch of UDS Enterprise 3.5 Release Candidate. It is now available to all users who want to try first-hand the new functionalities that the next stable version of our software for desktop virtualization (VDI), virtual vApp and remote access will incorporate.

The development team has implemented a multitude of improvements at the back end, transparent for users and administrators, aimed at improving the performance, efficiency and security of the VDI solution. Also, this release incorporates many new features on the front end. Among them, the following stand out:


    • The operating system that hosts the UDS Enterprise components has been updated. The latest available security patches have been applied.

    • New portable UDS Clients for Linux and Raspberry Pi. The rest of the clients for the different supported OS have been updated.

    • The UDS Actors for Windows and Linux desktop and app virtualization have been updated.

    • The Unmanaged Actor for physical machines is now able to detect the existence of active local sessions.

    • Increased UDS Tunnel security. As an innovation, it requires an authenticator and a user with UDS Server administration permissions.


    • New monitoring system on the main administration page. Two graphs show both the services that are assigned and those in use in real time.

    • Improvements in the appearance of the software when displaying the services available to users.


    • New Service Providers:

      Amazon Web Services (AWS)

      Nutanix Prism Central

    • Enhancements in Service Providers:

      Microsoft RDS. New base service that allows admins to deliver full desktop sessions.

      Static machine provider. New advanced settings such as Wake-on-LAN.

    • Option to perform a controlled shutdown of a self-generated virtual desktop before the system destroys it. Available to all Service Providers.


    • New Authenticator:


    • Enhancements in Authenticators:

      Active Directory. Now lets admins specify a default search domain and set a backup server.

      Azure AD. It is now possible to set a proxy for its connections and integrate the School Data Sync tool.


    • Windows and Linux: Choose whether to close the user session immediately or to continue working when an access calendar expires.

    • New Connection Protocols for direct and tunnelled connections:

      NoMachine NX. It enables remote access to macOS devices.

      Nice DCV (AWS)

    • Enhancements in all Transports:

      • Assign multiple transports to a Meta Pool.

    • Improvements in Tunelled Transports:

      • Option to force verification of SSL certificates.

      Icon update for better identification.

    • Enhancements in some Transports:


      • New option to change the default port.

      • In macOS connection clients, you can now choose between the FreeRDP client or Microsoft Remote Desktop.


      • Possibility of deciding the size on application launch (normal, maximized or minimized).

      • New option for Linux clients that allows you to run an application in a session instead of opening the remote application.

      HTML5 RDP & RDS

      • Possibility of enabling the microphone for its redirection.

      • In HTML5 connections, there is now the possibility of using the Glyptodon Enterprise Tunnel instead of the one provided by UDS Enterprise.


    • New usage graph that shows in real time the services assigned, cached and in use of a services pool.

    • Enhancements in Scheduled Tasks. With a single scheduled action, all configured groups and transports can be eliminated.


    • Reports. New report automatically generated to see the summary of use of each service pool.

    • Tokens. Possibility of viewing the Tokens of all registered Tunnel servers.

    • UDS Configuration:

      • Support for enabling VNC connections to user services.

      • Option to indicate a downtime for the users and platform administrators.

      • New parameters to choose the number of entries that appear in each section and filter the servers that access the system.

All the enhancements are described including screenshots in the following document:

To request access to UDS Enterprise 3.5 Release Candidate, email us at [email protected]

Any feedback on this new version will be welcome 😉

Thanks for your interest in UDS Enterprise!!



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