UDS Enterprise achieves Nutanix Ready certification

by | Nov 24, 2015

Nutanix, the next-generation enterprise computing company, has today announced that UDS Enterprise, the multiplatform connection broker for Windows & Linux desktop services, developed by VirtualCable, is now Nutanix Ready.

Nutanix Ready identifies recommended applications and solutions that are trusted to enhance the Nutanix delivery infrastructure. UDS Enterprise has completed verification testing, thereby providing confidence in compatibility both with Nutanix hardware and Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor. VirtualCable is the first partner in Spain and one of the firsts in the world to integrate with Nutanix. The integration of both solutions brings uncompromising flexibility and down costs for desktop and application virtualization.

“UDS Enterprise and Nutanix Acropolis integration provides customers with unprecedented flexibility, scalability and cost optimization for desktop services”, explains Rafael García, Sales Director at VirtualCable. “Apart from multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols support, a joint platform with UDS Enterprise and Nutanix enables to increase one node at a time without needing to add extra hypervisor or broker licences”.

Flexibility and cost savings in VDI deployments

Virtual desktops deployment with UDS Enterprise and Nutanix Acropolis is performed in one click, allowing the deployment of 40 virtual desktops on Nutanix Acropolis in less than two minutes video

“UDS Enterprise certification allows us to create a product ecosystem for our Hypervisor Acropolis and reach those sectors where our presence is not yet relevant” says Arnaud Demene, Presales Director at Nutanix Iberia “Nutanix brings simplicity to virtual environments and UDS Enterprise brings simplicity to VDI world, so our joint solutions drive advantages to our customers”.

The designation of UDS Enterprise as Nutanix Ready is a further step in Nutanix and VirtualCable alliance. Both companies have been working together as Technology Partners for a long time, guaranteeing best support and innovative hiperconverged, virtualization and desktop services solutions for their customers.



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