UDS Enterprise solidifies its position in ASLAN as the most reliable, secure and cost-effective Digital Workplace solution

by | Apr 17, 2024

The seamless transfer of services from Citrix and VMware makes the software developed by Virtual Cable the most efficient alternative for workplace virtualization
Stand de Virtual Cable en ASLAN 2024. El stand está decorado con banners azules y blancos que promocionan soluciones de Virtual Cable y UDS Enterprise. El ambiente es profesional y tecnológico.

Virtual Cable at ASLAN 2024: redefining the Digital Workplace with UDS Enterpris

Virtual Cable, leader in the development of secure Digital Workplace solutions, is one of the main protagonists of the ASLAN 2024 Congress and Expo, which is being held this week at the IFEMA Madrid Conference Center. Given the great demand from customers for efficient options that allow them to leave behind the concern about the instability of more traditional manufacturers, the developers of UDS Enterprise are showing live how easy it is to transfer their remote desktop services from platforms such as Citrix and VMware to UDS Enterprise.

Attendees at this technological meeting are verifying through personalized technical demos why the Virtual Cable solution stands as the best alternative to Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops / Citrix DaaS or VMware Horizon. “The comments we are hearing the most highlight the advantages and ease of moving a workplace virtualization infrastructure to an open, secure, flexible and technically advanced environment like UDS Enterprise. The recent cybersecurity awards that we have obtained make it the most solid and reliable option,” comments Javier González, Technical Director of Virtual Cable.


Virtual Cable introduces UDS Enterprise 4.0: revolutionizing VDI and vApp efficiency

The company is taking advantage of its presence at ASLAN to introduce the new features of the next UDS Enterprise 4.0 version, which will consolidate the position of this solution for VDI, vApp and remote access to physical devices as a market leader. Featured beta features, revealed exclusively during the Virtual Cable Partner Day event last week, include:

  • Support for new virtualization platforms: Two new public cloud environments, Huawei Cloud and OVHcloud, and one on-premises, OLVM (Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager), are added, thus expanding the variety of compatible platforms to adapt to the needs of users. customers and offering new options to perform intelligent and automatic overflows.
  • Advanced application virtualization: The new UDS Actor for Windows RDS servers improves usability and enables new operations, applying VDI functionality to both virtual applications and RDS-based remote desktop sessions.
  • New native authenticator: UDS Enterprise 4.0 expands the number of authenticators compatible with the support of the OAuth 2.0 standard, facilitating integration with authentication systems such as OpenID.
  • Expansion of functionalities in Meta Pools: This innovative technology, which allows several platforms to work as one, now supports “HA mode” (high availability). The system is capable of detecting the failure of an environment and redirecting automatically connect users to services hosted on another active platform. Also new, they allow any backup platform to be configured to come into operation automatically, without manual intervention by the administrator.
  • Advanced event notification system: UDS Enterprise 4.0 makes alert management more flexible by adding the option to send by email or Telegram notices about unauthorized access, erroneous operation, reports… and other activities of interest to facilitate monitoring by IT administrators.


New Premium Edition with 24×7 support

In line with its commitment to offering a quality service adapted to the needs of its clients, Virtual Cable announces the launch of the Premium Edition of several of its vertical solutions, which includes 24×7 support. This initiative arises in response to requests from clients whose services operate uninterruptedly and to serve international clients with the same agility and efficiency.

Coinciding with its participation in ASLAN 2024, Virtual Cable reaffirms its commitment to offering innovative and reliable solutions for secure access to the workplace. The company continues to work to promote the democratization of VDI technology, assisting customers in a smooth and rapid transition from third-party platforms. This strategy not only results in significant cost savings, but also ensures business continuity without downtime in such relevant sectors as banking, insurance, hospitals, emergencies… In this way, UDS Enterprise is positioned as the optimal option to address the needs and current challenges in the field of workplace virtualization.



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