UDS Enterprise chosen best On Premise VDI solution

by | Jul 8, 2015

A committee comprised by experts from more than 20 Spanish universities have chosen UDS Enterprise as best On Premise VDI solution and second VDI Cloud solution after evaluating solutions from 15 VDI vendors.

Its “ease of use, implementation, management and deployment, its response to incidents, its stability and the integration with other applications, as Moodle” are some of the features that led it above solutions such as VMware Horizon, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization or Citrix XenDesktop.

The appraisers also emphasized its integration with any virtualization platform, the fact that it is “adaptable to specific needs, such as authentication and authorization by CAS” and that it allows “the customization of universities’ brand images”.

The improved security for Windows and Linux virtual machines, the optimal user experience and the removal of Java component in the newest software version were other key points to value UDS Enterprise in such a positive way.

This evaluation process is part of the Desktop Virtualization Project driven by CRUE’s ICT group (CRUE-TIC) and RedIRIS, which main goal is to identify the best desktop virtualization solutions for universities and scientific entities.

All Spanish universities associated to CRUE consider desktop virtualization technologies as strategic impact tools to manage computing environments and that’s why they decided to create a working group capable of supporting the community to select, implement and operate VDI solutions.

In a first phase they selected 15 VDI providers, and VirtualCable with UDS Enterprise, its Windows and Linux multiplatform connection broker, was one of them.

VirtualCable was invited to present UDS Enterprise in the Desktop Virtualization Conference, where other companies such as VMware, Red Hat, Citrix, Microsoft or Dell, also presented their solutions. The event was held in February with the objective of introducing the different VDI solutions to the university community.

After presenting the required documents and reports, the evaluating committee studied in depth each solution and published the results.



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