UDS Enterprise doesn’t need Java installed

by | Apr 8, 2015

The UDS Enterprise development team is working to eliminate the need to have Java installed for certain types of connections to access from any web browser to virtual desktops deployed with our VDI connection broker for Windows and Linux.

Until now, it was necessary to have Java installed for certain types of connection when accessing virtual desktops from any browser. In addition, system administrators had to make sure that all the browsers of the computers they manage had the required version of Java installed in order to take maximum advantage of the platform for remote desktops.

As a result of the latest Java updates, the users experienced more and more inconveniences and sometimes the configuration for the first access was a hard task. For these reasons, our development team decided to eliminate the need for Java to connections from the browser. Once these inconveniences were removed, both access and administration of UDS Enterprise platform is easier.

This decision was reached as a result of Google announcement about Chrome dropping support for Java applets in April 2015 and disabling it in September this year to improve the speed, security and stability of the browser at the same time that it reduces the complexity of the code base. They ensure that the use of NPAPI plug-ins has declined considerably and that is why their system will block them by default. In addition to Java, Chrome will also stop supporting Silverlight, Google Talk, Facebook, Unity and Google Earth.

Does this mean that using Java is a wrong choice? No way. It simply means that the way we used it in UDS Enterprise through Applets has ceased to be the most suitable for the goal pursued.



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