UDS for eLearning, ASLAN Awards, and OpenNebula 6.0

by | May 6, 2021

The educational environment takes on a special role in the Top 3 of the most read articles on our blog last April. The first two publications are related to this sector. And it is not surprising since the support has been mutual since the launch of the first version of this software for desktop, application virtualization, and remote access. The educational organizations have always supported the optimal performance and the advantages of implementing UDS Enterprise. The broker team, for its part, has made an effort to meet all their needs.

An example of UDS Enterprise’s benefits for universities can be found in the post in the first position in last month’s ranking. This is the Case Study of ESIC Business and Marketing School, the prestigious Business School leader in business, marketing, and digital economy training in Spain. In order to offer universal access to all their educational resources, they have implemented virtual desktops, virtualized applications, and remote access to classroom computers.

In the second place, we find another interesting university project whose innovative nature has been recognized by the @aslan association. The importance of the UNICAN Labs project of the University of Cantabria has made it worthy of reaching the final of the ASLAN Awards for Digital Transformation in Public Administrations. Specifically, it opts for the award in the category Technology and improvement of University services.

The third place has been for the news that relates the compatibility of UDS Enterprise 3.0 with the latest version of OpenNebula, 6.0, also known as “Mutara.” Publications dealing with the union of these two solutions always arouse great interest in the community. This is mainly because UDS Enterprise is the only VDI broker certified as OpenNebula Ready to deploy virtual desktops on this cloud orchestrator.

Below you will find the links to the full articles:

ESIC: Universal access to academic resources with UDS Enterprise

UNICAN Labs with UDS Enterprise, a finalist for the ASLAN Awards

UDS Enterprise supports OpenNebula 6.0 “Mutara” for VDI



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