UDS Enterprise in the new VMware Marketplace

by | Sep 15, 2020

VMware has merged its two marketplaces into a single platform called VMware Marketplace. Until now, the solutions supported and verified by this manufacturer could be published, depending on their characteristics, in the VMware Solution Exchange or/and in the VMware Cloud Marketplace.

Thanks to its versatility, UDS Enterprise was present in both catalogs. Now, the connection broker for Windows and Linux desktop and application virtualization is included in the new VMware ecosystem.

Customers who search in the VMware Marketplace to find trusted and certified software to build a VDI or vApp infrastructure with solutions from this manufacturer will find UDS Enterprise on the list of recommended tools.

This VDI broker incorporates native support for vSphere and Cloud Director. In fact, it is fully compatible with the latest versions of the hypervisor and the VMware cloud management platform.

In this way, IT administrators can choose the option that best suits their needs and opt for a deployment of virtual desktops and applications on-premise, on private clouds based on vSphere or on multi-vendor hybrid clouds. They can also choose the optimal marketing model for their projects: a subscription by number of users or a pay-per-use system.

UDS Enterprise is certified as VMware Partner Ready for vSphere and has been distinguished with the Cloud Solutions and Data Center Badges from this manufacturer. VMware and Virtual Cable have been working together for many years to offer efficient, secure and high-performance virtual desktop and application solutions under an agreement of Technological Alliance .

VMware is just one of the manufacturers in the long list of Virtual Cable’s technology alliances . One of the commitments and differential hallmarks of the UDS Enterprise development company is to guarantee the support of the most popular technologies on the market, so that its clients can incorporate them into their VDI infrastructures with this connection broker.



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