UDS SMB Edition: VDI for small and midsize businesses

by | Apr 29, 2019

VirtualCable, a pioneer company in the development of desktop virtualization software in Spain, has announced a version of its connection broker specially designed for small and midsize businesses. UDS SMB Edition offers virtual desktops for VDI projects with a maximum of 99 users at a truly competitive price: less than € 50 per user and year.

UDS SMB Edition has the same functionalities as UDS Enterprise Edition and subscribers who contract this version will also be entitled to receive all updates and security patches released by the VDI broker team. The only difference between the two versions lies in the support service. In the case of UDS SMB Edition, support to end customer will be provided only and exclusively by his partner.

Users can be acquired individually. In other words, the client will request the exact number of users that he wishes to purchase. Only annual subscriptions are available and costs are the same for all types of companies and organizations.

The launch of UDS SMB Edition is framed within VirtualCable’s philosophy of meeting the demands of customers, partners and the UDS Enterprise community in general. “We decided to create a specific product to make desktop and application virtualization more accessible to small and midsize businesses. We are aware that SMBs don’t face the same challenges as large organizations. UDS SMB Edition allows to keep costs as low as possible and to enjoy all the advantages of VDI, making simple infrastructures available and paying only for the exact number of users”, explains Félix Casado, CEO of VirtualCable.

For further information on UDS SMB Edition or to request your personalized quote, get in touch with the UDS Enterprise commercial team at [email protected]



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