UDS Enterprise subscriptions: Terms and conditions

by | Feb 2, 2021

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To avoid doubts among our clients, we have included in a new document the description, terms and conditions of UDS Enterprise subscriptions.

You can consult and download the full document on our website.

We summarize the highlights below:

  • A UDS Enterprise subscription includes access to patches, bug fixes, and software updates, when and if they are available. It also gives the right to obtain support on the incorrect operation of the software. This support will be provided via email, in 8×5 NBD format.

  • The end customer must channel through his partner any type of service that he may need and that is not included with the subscription itself.

  • The UDS Enterprise support team will only and exclusively attend to customer inquiries related to the incorrect operation of the software. Operation support is not included in any case with the subscription, or any type of additional service.

  • Every client that has a UDS Enterprise version must channel any type of issues unrelated to the incorrect operation of UDS Enterprise through its partner: use of the software, queries or resolution of issues related to elements of the infrastructure other than UDS Enterprise, integration with third-party software…

  • In case of receiving a query from the client that is not related to the incorrect operation of UDS Enterprise, we will email the client including his partner so that the latter can help him resolve it.

Should you have any question, you can contact our team at [email protected]



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