UDS Enterprise supports AWS EC2 for VDI cloud deployments

by | Sep 10, 2021

UDS Enterprise is compatible with the service Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The team behind this software for desktop virtualization, virtual vApp, and remote access to devices has developed a connector that enables the interoperability of the two solutions. This new functionality allows you to manage and deploy Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications hosted in the Amazon cloud from the UDS Enterprise control panel.

With this new development, the offer of cloud providers compatible with UDS Enterprise is expanded. Microsoft Azure and all the clouds managed by VMware Cloud Director, OpenStack … are also supported by this VDI broker. It should be noted that UDS Enterprise is officially certified as Partner Ready for VMware Cloud on AWS. These providers give great flexibility and unlimited, fast, and easy scalability. They allow the exact number of virtual desktops and applications to be available at all times with the compute capacity, storage, and other hardware requirements necessary to successfully meet the real demands of users.

Administrators of a platform with UDS Enterprise who need to adopt a pay per use model can choose between any technologies mentioned above. What’s more, it is also possible to enable multiple cloud providers at the same time . And not only that. The advanced technical capabilities of this software allow to use cloud technologies simultaneously together with a wide range of on-premise solutions (Citrix Hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix Acropolis, Proxmox, RHEV, oVirt, VMware vSphere, XCP-ng …). You can also incorporate hyper-converged platforms, such as Nutanix, NodeWeaver, XOSAN, cloud orchestrators such as OpenNebula or OpenStack, and for physical equipment managers, as is the case with OpenGnsys.

UDS Enterprise has been specially designed to offer the freedom to have all the necessary service providers, connection protocols, and authentication systems running simultaneously. It provides all the options to automatically, highly efficiently, and securely manage the IT infrastructure of any organization. Thus, IT professionals can design a platform optimized to meet the needs of each group of users, guaranteeing the best performance of the specific programs that each one of them needs to carry out their work.

Support for AWS is one of the new features already incorporated into UDS Enterprise 3.5, the next version of our popular VDI software. Among many other new features, support for the high-performance protocol Nice DCV will also be added.

The new version of UDS Enterprise is in an advanced stage of development. Little by little, we will reveal through our blog and social networks more features of the next version of the software, as well as the dates planned for the release of the Beta, Release Candidate, and the Stable Version. Stay tuned!



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