UDS Enterprise supports OpenGnsys

by | Mar 26, 2018

The newly released version of UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker has two new Service Providers: VMware vCloud and OpenGnsys, which is an Open Source physical equipment orchestrator composed of free and open tools that form a complete, versatile and intuitive system that serves to manage and clone machines. The system has been designed by several Spanish public universities to distribute, install and deploy different operating systems.

The compatibility of UDS Enterprise with OpenGnsys has been developed for a long time since the VDI connection broker is the cornerstone of one of the projects developed with OpenGnsys by one of the clients of UDS Enterprise: the University of Seville. Actually, the objective of OpenGnsys’s Remote PC is to allow remote access to equipments located in ICT laboratories of educational centers outside school hours from anywhere and using any device.

The incorporation of full support for OpenGnsys allows IT administrators to configure UDS Enterprise for remote access to PCs .

In addition, they can take advantage of the orchestrator of physical equipment to centrally manage ICT Units Teaching and Research Support, carry out the maintenance tasks of the personal computer park of the members of an institution, deploy and maintain the servers of a Data Center in particular, or administer the equipment cloning repositories for the support services of an organization.

OpenGnsys support is just one of the many new features of UDS Enterprise 2.2. The complete list of new features and functionalities can be found in this article .



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