UDS Enterprise supports XCP-ng 8.1 for VDI

by | Apr 17, 2020

The connection broker for desktop and application virtualization UDS Enterprise is fully compatible with the new version of the Open Source hypervisor XCP-ng. The VDI broker team has carried out all the relevant validation tests in order to ensure the optimal operation of a virtual desktops and applications infrastructure with UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng 8.1.

The new version of XCP-ng is based on the latest release of Citrix Hypervisor (8.1). The version of Xen used for this project has been updated, improving security and expanding the supported hardware models. Now it supports VM backups with their RAM, you can use an alternative kernel and choose between two ways of installation: in BIOS or UEFI mode. Administrators of a VDI and vApp platform with UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng can now upgrade to this new version to enjoy all its enhacements.

The collaboration of the companies developing both solutions, Virtual Cable and Vates, dates back to the same year that the first version of XCP-ng was released. The interesting synergies between these two companies and their products gave rise to the start of a technological alliance that immediately began to bear fruit, with the certification of UDS Enterprise as the first VDI connection broker compatible with the hypervisor of Vates and certified as XCP-ng Ready. To this day it is still the only software of its kind that has this distinction.

The next step was the launch of a 100% Open Source turnkey VDI solution consisting of the UDS Enterprise connection broker, the XCP-ng hypervisor and the XenOrchestra management interface.

The community immediately began to show interest in the integration of these technologies, which are positioned as a truly cost-effective alternative to the proprietary products that exist on the market. XCP-ng and UDS Enterprise not only guarantee substantial cost savings. They ensure excellent technical quality and efficient and personalized professional support service. It can be contracted when necessary: by number of users in the case of UDS Enterprise and by number of hosts for XCP-ng. This commercialization model provides great flexibility and allows to adjust costs to the maximum and gradually scale the solution, according to the needs of each project.

The UDS Enterprise team receives requests for information about this joint solution every day, and many of the users who download our software deploy their virtual desktops on the Vates hypervisor. There are VDI infrastructures with UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng around the world. One of the organizations that has trusted the turnkey VDI solution formed by UDS Enterprise + XCP-ng + XenOrchestra is the Public Centre for Social Welfare in Eupen (Belgium) . In this article the details of this project are unveiled.

The unique features of this VDI solution are described in the following video, where you can also see how UDS Enterprise, XCP-ng and XenOrchestra are integrated and configured to manage and deploy Windows and Linux virtual desktops:

Request a free trial version of UDS Enterprise to discover first-hand the benefits of this joint VDI solution.



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