UDS Enterprise will be available in Russian

by | Jun 14, 2018

The growing interest in UDS Enterprise by international companies is making this software available in more and more languages, and the next to join the list will be Russian. In fact, all the necessary actions have already been taken to make it available in the next version of the VDI & vApp connection broker.

The incorporation of this new language has been possible thanks to our Partner and Technological Alliance SharxDC, who has been in charge of making the translations. His team has worked closely with UDS Enterprise, which has made the appropriate adjustments to the connection broker so that users and administrators can use UDS Enterprise in Russian. This new language will be integrated into the next release of UDS Enterprise, which is scheduled to be released during the Q4 of this year.

The Russian company SharxDC has detected a high interest in UDS Enterprise in their country, hence they have considered the translation of the connection broker into their language to facilitate the adoption of this technology. UDS Enterprise interest in Russia has been growing in recent years, during which we have received a large number of download requests and requests for information from that country.

For now, the VDI & vApp software can be used in 8 different languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Catalan. It is expected that the UDS Enterprise language list will continue to grow according to the requests made by our partners and by the user community. Anyone interested in contributing to our connection broker’s availability in a new language can contact the UDS Enterprise team, which will inform you of the steps to register a new language.

SharxDC can provide to End-User customers complete VDI solution based on their own HCI platform with UDS Enterprise software. For request demo, please write to [email protected].



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