UDS at the Hong Kong University, aspiring to ASLAN Awards

by | Apr 13, 2021

The remote access platform of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University joins the list of projects with UDS Enterprise selected for the ASLAN Awards for Digital Transformation projects in Public Administrations. Thanks to this initiative, over 28,000 users can access the computers located in the university from anywhere, at any time and through any device .

This prestigious international university had to make the switch from classroom teaching to eLearning to allow its students to continue their studies from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After evaluating different options, they decided to enable remote access to the software and applications running on the laboratories’ computers. And for this they trusted UDS Enterprise.

Among the project’s main challenges, the urgency with which they had to implement the solution, guaranteeing strong security measures, stands out. In addition, they should allow students to use software with high hardware requirements from their homes, such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, Adobe CC… Added to this is the handicap that the campus computers had already installed software licenses and are inaccessible due to mobility restrictions.

Students are not the only ones who have benefited from this initiative. This educational center’s IT team is also using UDS Enterprise to facilitate remote working for all its employees. They can now perform their tasks remotely, by connecting to their computers located at the university. They work smoothly and safely from home. All user groups enjoy an optimal user experience.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University is getting as much return as possible on its investments made in both hardware and software. All IT resources can be used at any time despite travel limitations and the need to maintain a safe distance.

Thanks to this project, this University has solved the challenges imposed by the pandemic. Students are studying from home in exactly the same way as if they were at university. And the same happens with the workers.

They have found that providing remote access to campus computers has many other benefits, so they will continue to use this service after the health crisis is over. They are already planning to configure the system so that remote access to all computers is available during non-school hours, weekends and holidays. In this way, they will make the most of their IT resources while giving students greater freedom and flexibility.

For more information on the Hong Kong Polytechnic University remote access project, see our Case Study.

Along with this initiative, three other projects with UDS Enterprise are opting to be finalists for the ASLAN Awards:

This week the voting has opened to choose the finalists of the contest. If your company is associated with @aslan or you are a member of the AAPP Commission, you can now cast your vote at this link.



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