UMH launches “Virtual Desktops for Teaching” with UDS Enterprise


The Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche has implemented an innovative eLearning platform based on desktop virtualization with UDS Enterprise. Its "Virtual Desktops for Teaching" fulfill the current needs and demands of students and teachers: access the software they need to carry out their practices with no time limitations and regardless of the device they use or the place where they are.

The service is available to over 14,000 students and more than 1,000 teachers. Users only need to enter the URL of the platform in a terminal with an internet connection. Depending on the degree they are studying or teaching, when they log in with their university email, the system will show them a customized virtual desktop, with the applications necessary for their practices already installed and ready to use.

Implementing its VDI infrastructure with UDS Enterprise is an excellent step towards improving the university’s energy efficiency since until now, remote access was provided to the campus computers, which had to stay on 24/7. Thanks to this platform, the UMH has achieved its objective of getting significant energy savings by promoting a modern and innovative computing infrastructure, which allows offering quality teaching.

This is only the first project that they will accomplish with UDS Enterprise technology. The Vice-Rector’s Office for Information Technology is already working so that another university group can take advantage of VDI. In the coming months, the Virtual Desktops for Remote Working project will be launched. Administration and Services personnel will be able to access through UDS Enterprise all corporate management applications using virtual desktops managed and deployed by this connection broker.

To learn more about the “Virtual Desktops for Teaching,” you can see the following video made by the UMH:

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