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Juan Jesús Farfán Leiva, Assistant Director of Virtual Teaching and Technological Laboratories at Universidad de Málaga:"With UDS Enterprise we’ve improved the management of our VDI infrastructure, offering virtual desktops with Windows and Linux, which are completely compatible with our authentication systems. Their SOA architecture allows us to create modules that can be integrated into our Espacio Virtual de Aprendizaje (EVA)."

Thanks to the Remote PC project with UDS Enterprise and OpenGnsys, students at the University of Malaga can use the computers located in the campus from anywhere. This possibility has been crucial to follow classes as always during the state of alarm by Covid-19.

  • Name: University of Málaga

  • Sector: Academic

  • Place: Spain

  • Students: 36.514

  • Techers: 2.384

  • Senior lecturers: 257

  • Doctors: 1.764

  • PAS: 1.800

The challenge

  • Management of and connection to Windows and Linux desktops, thus allowing the students to use open source tools and software

  • Broaden the use of the Virtual Campus, making it possible for students from other educational organizations to access virtual desktops

  • Make administration and management of virtual desktops possible by department, course, etc. from a single console

The solution

  • Technical managers from UDS Enterprise, in collaboration with technical personnel from UMA, configured the different Linux desktop templates that were subsequently deployed for their use by students and teaching personnel

  • The UDS Enterprise development team developed a specific module in order to be able to deploy virtual desktops so that students from other universities can gain access by using CONFIA

The results

  • Thanks to UDS Enterprise, the virtual desktops are deployed based on the needs of faculty members

  • The customer service department has an efficient tool to provide service to the student body and teaching staff, thus creating added value to their Virtual Campus platform

  • The Virtual Campus platform has been opened to other educational organizations, allowing students from these organizations to connect to their virtual desktops

The organization

The University of Malaga is a public law institution that creates and transmits knowledge, provides superior education service through teaching, studying and research in an environment characterized by technological, cultural and touristic activity.

It was formed in 1972 after the initiative of a popular movement that was expressed in the constitution of the citizens’ platform Friends of the Universidad de Málaga.

It is a dynamic and innovative University. It is socially renowned for its prestige and leadership, open to and participatory in service to society, committed to quality and excellence, provides training over the course of one’s life integrated into the European Space of Superior Teaching and

Research, concerned about job placement, linked to the business environment, the Technological Park of Andalusia and the public sector, competitive and outstanding in the environment of Andalusia, domestic and international, as well as guided towards global society and awareness.

Organization needs

The University of Malaga (UMA) chose UDS Enterprise as its virtual desktop platform because it was the only solution that met all its requirements.

The UMA had a series of needs that are described below:

  • The main goal of the Virtual Campus is to host UMA courses. In order to access these courses, one needs identification credentials. The UMA is proposing to broaden the training it offers to students and professors from other educational organizations
  • The tools and software used by the students and faculty are run on Windows operating systems and different Linux distributions
  • Other solutions on the market are not compatible with the authentication systems needed by the University


The UMA collaborated closely with the UDS Enterprise development team, allowing UDS Enterprise to incorporate new functionalities and modules created according to the specific needs of the UMA.

Thanks to this involvement, the UMA is now able to offer virtual desktops to students from different universities in Andalusia through its Virtual Campus, deploy both Windows and Linux virtual desktops based on different criteria (departments, courses, classrooms, etc.), and offer a virtual desktop service to the student body and faculty in a simple and efficient manner, significantly reducing incidents.

The UMA continues to collaborate closely with the UDS Enterprise development team, collaborating on the incorporation of virtual desktops in virtual learning systems such as Moodle, or on equipment management systems such as OpenGnSys, permitting virtual desktops to be deployed based on criteria defined with these tools.



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