UDS Enterprise 3.6 update: Improvements in MFA and simplified authentication

by | Jan 10, 2024

Coinciding with the beginning of this year, Virtual Cable has released a new update of its solution for desktop virtualization, virtual applications and remote access to physical devices.
UDS Enterprise 3.6 Build

UDS Enterprise 3.6 releases options for MFA, simplified authentication and random assignment of static machines

Following its philosophy of maintaining an open roadmap, based on active listening to the requests of its community, the company behind UDS Enterprise has evolved its digital workplace solution to meet the current needs of IT administrators and platform users before the release of version 4.0.

UDS Enterprise 3.6 Build 20240101 incorporates interesting improvements and new functionalities demanded by Virtual Cable partners and clients. Among them, stand out:

Improvements in authentication and security systems

  • Enhancements in the native MFA system. When validated, users will be able to check the “remember on this device” option to certify the reliability of the device they are using and thus avoid having to run the double validation again. The platform administrator can choose the duration of this option, so that the system will request an identity verification code again after said period of time.
  • New advanced parameter that simplifies authentication. The new “Redirect to tag on logout” setting allows the user to be redirected to the same authenticator used in the login window, including the same tag. It is available in: “Tools” – “Settings” – “UDS”.
  • Expansion of the use of “Radius OTP Challenge” authentication for any authenticator supported by UDS Enterprise.
  • Added default domain for “Active Directory” authenticators, which will be automatically added to the username.

Innovations in virtualization service providers

  • Random assignment of static machines. The “Static Machines” – “Multiple IP” provider now has a checkbox for machines to be served to users randomly. Until now, they were delivered only in position order, which remains the default configuration.
  • 100% persistent services with Nutanix AHV. UDS Enterprise allows you to create a fully persistent service, even when an error occurs in a Nutanix AHV virtualization environment. To do this, an option has been added that prevents the system from automatically deleting machines in error status.
  • Improved machine deletion in Proxmox. When this VDI service provider throws errors when creating a machine, UDS Enterprise will delete it immediately.

Optimization for Linux virtual applications

  • Optimization of UDS Actor for Linux machines. When publishing Linux virtual applications using X2GO, the system detects when a user logs out and automatically deletes the assigned service. It does this only if the service is non-persistent.

New functionalities in Transports and Meta Pools

  • Changes to HTML5 RDS transports

    • Added the possibility of changing the default port “RDP” (3389) in transports of type “HTML5 RDS for vApps”. It is now possible to modify the default port “RDP” in any type of transport that uses this protocol.
  • Meta Pools Settings

    • Adjustment in the Meta Pools system. When a tag is used with a Meta Pool and it does not have any service pools added, the other pools will still be displayed correctly.
    • Administrators will now be able to use in the names of the Meta Pools all the variables that show usage information supported by the “Service Pools”: ({use}, {total}, {userc}, {left}).

Other relevant improvements in UDS Enterprise 3.6

  • UDS Enterprise Appliances. Updated packages and applied security patches to the operating system of all appliances.
  • Calendar system. Modification of the way of displaying the end date on calendars for optimal viewing.

Access to the new Build and demo versions of UDS Enterprise

All subscribers of any of the UDS Enterprise editions can download this new Build by accessing My UDS. There you will find the appliances compatible with your virtualization platform, which are already updated with all these improvements and new technical features.

If you are not yet a Virtual Cable customer, you can request a trial version of the UDS Enterprise edition that best suits your sector or needs at this link.



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