VDI and vApp on iPhone and iPad with UDS Enterprise

by | Feb 11, 2019

The new release UDS Enterprise 2.2.1 supports any version of Apple's iOS. Therefore, users of iPhone and iPad devices can now access their Windows and Linux virtual desktops and Windows applications using the UDS Enterprise connection broker.

Previous versions of this broker already allowed access to VDI and vApp through iOS devices, but an update on Apple’s operating system had a bug in Safari that blocked the connection to UDS Enterprise from any browser installed in these terminals, since they all depend on the Safari engine.

Some users of UDS Enterprise realized that when updating iOS OS they no longer had access to their virtual desktops and applicatios. The UDS Enterprise team reported the bug to Glyptodon, the company behind Guacamole, the web app used by Safari to provide HTML5 access.

Thanks to the collaboration of the UDS Enterprise team, the Glyptodon developers detected the bug that was affecting Safari and were able to develop the patch for the web browsers installed on iPhone and iPad to work normally again. This issue was not only causing problems to users of UDS Enterprise. Other applications and web tools were also affected by this bug.

Once this incompatibility has been patched in Guacamole, UDS Enterprise again supports all versions of Apple’s iOS. This is just one of the improvements in the latest version of the connection broker. Check here all the new functionalities added to UDS Enterprise 2.2.1.



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