The VDI broker UDS Enterprise will support Hyper-V clusters

by | Jan 8, 2020

We begin the year by unveiling some of the new features that will be incorporated to the next version of our connection broker for desktop and application virtualization. We confirm that UDS Enterprise 3.0 will add support for Hyper-V in cluster.

A few months ago we announced the compatibility of our VDI broker with the latest version of the Microsoft hypervisor in Standalone mode. Our development team has continued working to improve this integration and provide also support for this cluster technology.

UDS Enterprise administrators will be able to enjoy all the advantages of deploying a desktop virtualization infrastructure with Hyper-V in cluster, implementing high availability and improving performance, while ensuring 24/7 accessibility without downtime to all resources made available to users.

Thanks to this important development, a platform with UDS Enterprise and Hyper-V will have a much more efficient scalability. IT professionals will be able to grow and decrease the infrastructure immediately and in a much simpler way, being able to fully adapt to the real needs of the project in each phase of implementation.

UDS Enterprise 3.0 will include Hyper-V clusters support for the 2019 and 2016 versions of the Microsoft hypervisor. This is just one of the many interesting new features that will be incorporated to the next version of our VDI and vApp connection broker. Over the next few months we will announce the rest of new features and functionalities in our blog and social networks.



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