VDI in Call Center environments II

by | May 8, 2015

A couple of days ago we talked in our blog about the special features of workplaces in Call Center environments and, as we told you, today we are going to explain why desktop virtualization, and in particular UDS Enterprise software can help to manage and administer this type os platforms.

The native Windows and Linux support and the support of multiple hypervisors allow to deploy Call Center stations, establishing the best location and characteristics according to different criteria such as station criticality, hardware resource availability, definition of consumer care campaigns, etc.

In addition, the support of the main authenticators, the possibility of creating groups and meta-groups and its authentication system based on connection device, makes it possible to define the way of connecting to the user station, permitting full integration through the use of mixed authentication systems, facilitating the transfer of credentials with applications, tools and devices in which it is necessary to register connection credentials.

Furthermore, the the ability to be able to select the connection protocol offers a wide range of possibilities when choosing the way to connecting to the user station, resulting in less use of resources, bandwidth, etc. Moreover, this characteristic allows you to choose between licensed and non-licensed protocols, with the resulting cost savings.

WAN Security Access SSL and the possibility of user access from any web navigator and OS allow Call Center operators to be able to work from a remote location, with the resulting savings in office space rental and energy consumption, which makes this option an incentive for both the company and the operators themselves.

Finally, the practically unlimited configuration possibilities, the possibility of tool personalization for each client and the easy integration with third-party software allow UDS Enterprise to be integrated with specific Call Center tools and applications.

It is also possible to make specific developments that allow for the integration of different devices (thin clients, softphones) with the Call Center user station platform.

For further information, read this white paper and Europ Assistance case study



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