VDI for healthcare with UDS reaches the final of the ASLAN Awards

by | May 5, 2021

Two initiatives with UDS Enterprise are finalists of the ASLAN Awards for Digital Transformation in Public Administrations. To the University of Cantabria’s UNICAN Labs project adds that of Los Arcos del Mar Menor General University Hospital. The latter is up for the award in the IT infrastructure virtualization category.

In both cases, they are the only finalists in their category that are not supported by a company associated with @aslan. A fact that is undoubtedly remarkable since in the first phase, only companies that are part of the association or members of the Public Administrations committee could vote. Only their ballots have counted to determine which projects have reached the final in each category.

These projects’ importance and innovative nature have allowed them to make a niche among the three finalists deserving of an ASLAN Award. A logical outcome if one takes into account that the two projects have been essential so that two sectors as important as health and education have been able to continue to function with total normality, despite the mobility limitations and restrictions imposed to face the pandemic since the health alert for Covid-19 was decreed last year.

Thanks to having already implemented the UDS Enterprise technology, the Los Arcos del Mar Menor General University Hospital was able to implement a secure and efficient remote working system in a concise time when the state of alarm was decreed in 2020. In addition, they were able to provide their support to the Murcian Health Service so that hundreds of professionals from different public hospitals in the Region of Murcia could work remotely. The versatility of UDS Enterprise has allowed them to build a hybrid solution, which includes desktop virtualization and remote access to devices located in healthcare centers.

If you are registered on the @aslan website, you can vote for this interesting VDI project, which has been crucial to keeping the operation of the health system in the Region of Murcia, in the following link:

You can also cast your vote in favor of the candidacy of the University of Cantabria here:

The winners will be revealed on June 2 during the awards dinner that will be held within the framework of the ASLAN2021 Congress.



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