The role of VDI technology in business data protection

by | Nov 30, 2021

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As every year, this November 30 marks the International Computer Security Day, a celebration with more than 30 years of existence, which was born after the appearance of the first malware registered, known as “Morris Worm” in 1988. This date has the clear objective of reminding and raising awareness about the importance of data protection in the digital sphere.

This concept is more relevant than ever in a world where hybrid working is here to stay. Malware attacks have not stopped growing since telecommuting, and hybrid working entered the lives of the vast majority of the population. This is mainly due to the relocation of the workplace and BYOD trends, which entail new security challenges such as the lack of control over:

• The access devices

• The antivirus and updates of the endpoints

• The websites that employees visit using those devices

• How employees use business data

• Etc.

In this series of challenges, it is possible to observe the importance that employees have when it comes to protecting a company’s data, so it is the responsibility of all companies to inform and educate their staff on how they can avoid unnecessary risks. For example, through workshops or courses, they can learn more about the dangers of using public networks, password management, the risks of making certain types of downloads, cybersecurity on mobile devices, or phishing.

VDI and the security of IT environments

Without a doubt, desktop virtualization has been helping for years to ensure the security of IT environments for thousands of companies of all sizes, characteristics, and sectors. This has become more evident thanks to the remote working imposed by the pandemic.

As explained above, companies have lost a large part of the control of work devices; an employee can lose their device, sell it, or even unconsciously introduce some malware into it, so the organization’s data would be in danger. Thanks to VDI technology, this data will always be safe, since it was never on that device but in a virtual machine.

The security advantages of UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise has been designed as a secure and constantly updated VDI connection broker. A reflection of this are some of its characteristics:

• The UDS Tunnel is in charge of encrypting all the information from end to end, guaranteeing that the data travels encrypted and safely

• The software allows keeping the entire infrastructure under the absolute control of the IT department

Control and monitor IT systems and communications at all times

• Allows you to enable double or multiple factor authentication

• Enables the adoption of the Zero Trust model

• Helps set the security policies that best suit each organization

• Offers the option of setting minimum privilege policies

• Facilitates the introduction of granular access control policies

• In the event of a security breach, the threat can be easily isolated and fixed, without loss of service for the user or productivity for the business

As you can see, security is one of the highlights of UDS Enterprise, proof of this is that the software has been adopted by two international police forces, the Peel Regional Police (Canada) and the Police Corps of Andorra.

The UDS Enterprise team continues strengthening security and introducing new features in each of its versions. They confirm that UDS Enterprise 3.5 , which will be released in the first quarter of 2022, will not be an exception.



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