VDI makes it easy for direct marketing companies

by | May 14, 2015

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Companies engaged in direct marketing usually face some challenges which may be solved with the help of desktop virtualization. This is particularly the case of International Book Club, a pioneering company in this sector in Spain and Portugal with over 30 years experience.

This company considered the possibility of implementing a VDI solution because the incorporation of new companies into the group resulted in an added problem for the IT department, as it had to provide for the new worker user stations immediately, performing support for a large fleet of user stations in different countries.

In addition, there were some handicaps, as the need for a solution with native compatibility with their Novell eDirectory authentication system.

After evaluating different VDI solutions, they chose UDS Enterprise since, as Javier Riopedre explains, Computer Systems Manager for the International Book Club,
“we solved a problem with our authentication system and we could create Linux virtual desktops”.

The UDS Enterprise Team made adjustments in the software, adapting UDS Enterprise to the client’s problem, which was not possible to be solved with other desktop virtualization products on the market. This solution allowed for successful integration with eDirectory, which permitted the company to continue utilizing the tools they had become accustomed to using for their user fleets.

Moreover, the technical staff made a fine tune of the virtual machines, optimizing the connection protocol. This ensures that their corporate application is being used fluidly by the different users, both virtual and physical.

As an added value, the deployment and support of user stations at the various branches is being performed from a single, central point, optimizing customer service and making it much easier.

For more information about the benefits of desktop virtualization for this sector, read our case study



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