What is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)?

Desktop virtualization is a technology that enables the secure and centralized creation and management of virtual desktop workstations. These virtual desktops run on remote servers and can be accessed 24×7 from anywhere and any device. It provides increased security, flexibility, and efficiency in managing digital work environments.

The increase of teleworking in summer

The arrival of summer has brought with it an increasingly entrenched trend in our society: teleworking. According to the latest study carried out by Flexa, job seekers expressing a preference for companies that offer some kind of work from anywhere option rose to 88% during the hottest months. Given this scenario, it is essential that companies worry about providing their employees with the best possible teleworking option, and in this sense, according to Virtual Cable experts, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is the safest and highest quality solution.

What are the challenges of remote work?

The flexibility and convenience that remote work offers are indisputable, but it also poses new challenges in terms of security, productivity, and accessibility. That is why companies need to implement technological solutions that guarantee an optimal user experience for their teams, regardless of where they work from.

Advantages of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) for telework

Tools like Virtual Cable’s UDS Enterprise are an ideal response to the challenges posed by teleworking in summer. This virtual desktop infrastructure, application virtualization and remote access to physical equipment solution offers a series of key benefits that stand out for its security and efficiency:

  1.  Data protection: With UDS Enterprise, data and applications are stored centrally on secure servers, which minimizes the risk of loss of sensitive information. Employees can access their workstations through encrypted connections, protecting confidential information from unauthorized access.
  2.  Access from any place and device: Thanks to the mobility provided by UDS Enterprise, employees can access their programs and applications from any place with Internet access and using devices such as laptops, tablets or even smartphones. This significantly improves the flexibility and productivity of work teams.
  3. Simplified administration and support: The centralized management of virtual desktops, virtual applications and remote computers through UDS Enterprise facilitates the task of IT teams, allowing more efficient administration and rapid implementation of updates and security patches.
  4. Energy efficiency: During the hottest summer months, the use of VDI technologies such as UDS Enterprise contributes to reducing energy consumption by requiring fewer hardware resources, which translates into less environmental impact and significant economic savings for the companies.

With 88% of job seekers looking for teleworking this summer, it is imperative that companies offer a solid technological infrastructure that guarantees the quality and safety of this type of work. UDS Enterprise from Virtual Cable is presented as the ideal solution to provide secure, efficient and high-performance remote working to employees not only during the summer months, but also for the rest of the year.

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