VDI with UDS Enterprise to improve public security


Eduard Florian Sotelo, Responsible for technologies applied to public security in the City Council of San Martin de Porres:

"We chose UDS Enterprise because it’s a flexible, scalable, hardware agnostic and very easy to implement VDI solution"

  • Client name: San Martin de Porres City Council

  • Sector: Public Administration

  • Number of inhabitants: 739,252

  • Number of employees: Over 2,000

  • Number of offices: 2

  • Location: San Martin de Porres, Lima (Peru)

Public safety is a major concern to San Martin de Porres City Council (Lima, Peru). Ensuring the welfare of the entire population and public order is a primary, arduous and delicate task. Therefore, they decided to implement an advanced and modern video surveillance system in the streets of the town.

One of the main requirements of the project was that the content captured and recorded by security cameras and stored on the municipality’s servers is accessible at any time, from any place and device. At the same time they had to make sure that it was properly secured, since the privacy of the inhabitants must be preserved at all times.

“We were clear that desktop virtualization was the perfect technology to meet all our needs,” explained Eduard Florian Sotelo, Responsible for technologies applied to public security in the City Council of San Martin de Porres. “We tested different VDI solutions and we chose the UDS Enterprise connection broker for several compelling reasons: it’s the most flexible solution, it has greater scalability, it’s hardware agnostic and very easy to implement.” On the other hand, “allows to manage and deploy VDI and vApp Windows and Linux from a single platform, its support service is excellent and has an affordable price, it’s really cost-effective,” said Sotelo.

The IT department of this public administration uses UDS Enterprise to allow only authorized staff to access virtual desktops and applications to review recordings and view images captured in real time by 120 IP surveillance cameras.

In order to do this, they have customized Windows 10 and CentOS desktops and have virtualized vApp such as AxxonNext, a video management software that allows you to review the location of the cameras and analyze the images in search of user-defined situations, such as abandoned objects in a certain place.

“In addition to adopt a strong public security system, UDS Enterprise has helped us raise public awareness and bring the Town Hall closer to the citizens, as we also use it to make educational content related to public safety, civic responsibility and culture available to schools and citizens,” said Sotelo.

Hyperconvergence and high availability

The great versatility and flexibility of UDS Enterprise were undoubtedly decisive when the Municipality of San Martin de Porres chose this VDI solution. “We were looking for a software that would allow us to design a desktop virtualization architecture fully adapted to our needs, which would not force us to implement specific software or hardware components. We wanted to be free to choose each element of our infrastructure because they were the ones that best suited our requirements and needs, not because they were the only ones compatible,” said Sotelo.

The IT team was determined to build a cutting-edge platform, with hyperconvergence technology and high availability, to ensure that the content provided through virtual desktops and vApp is accessible 24/7.

As budgetary constraints were a handicap for this administration, the UDS Enterprise Consultant in Peru, Carlos Barrientos, recommended an alternative solution to those of the big players: “The union of the UDS Enterprise broker with NodeWeaver hyperconvergence technology allows to build a strong, secure, efficient and high performance infrastructure with distributed storage,” Barrientos said. “This joint solution helps to dramatically simplify the management and scalability of the platform. It is undoubtedly the best VDI + hyperconvergence alternative in the market today,” he stated.

The City Council of San Martin de Porres decided to trust this solution and the experience is being so satisfactory that they do not hesitate to recommend it because “it helps reduce complexity and solve problems in environments that require the deployment of VDI and vApp technology,” concluded Sotelo.


  • Broker: UDS Enterprise

  • Hyperconvergence platform: NodeWeaver

  • Hypervisor: KVM

  • Connection protocol: HTML5 and RDP

  • Authenticator: UDS Internal Database

  • VDI OS: Windows 10 & CentOS

  • Servers: 4 Dell Power Edge R730XD servers, each of them with 4 nodes with SSD disks

  • Storage: 1 NL SAS HDD of 5 TB4 for each node

  • Network: 1 Aruba Switch



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