VDI with UDS Enterprise & Teradici PCoIP

by | Sep 26, 2017

The UDS Enterprise Team keeps on working to extend our list of Technology Alliances, thus guaranteeing the compatibility of our VDI connection broker with the cutting-edge technologies in the market. One of the latest additions is Teradici, the developer of the PCoIP connection protocol.

The UDS Enterprise‘s developers has made the relevant developments so that the latest release of our software, the 2.1, incorporates support for PCoIP. A joint VDI solution of our connection broker and the Teradici protocol allows to offer virtual desktops with design tools for high graphic demand, guaranteeing the highest quality of visualization.

UDS Enterprise is compatible with PCoIP through Teradici’s Cloud Access Plaform and the perfect integration of both solutions has been certified by Teradici, which has recognized the compatibility of both solutions on their website.

In addition to Teradici, our technology partners are vendors such as Citrix, Nutanix, OpenNebula, OpenStack, oVirt, Red Hat and VMware.



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