VDI and vApp projects with UDS, nominated for the @asLAN Awards

by | Feb 17, 2020

A large number of public sector organizations rely on our connection broker for their desktop and application virtualization projects. Our software has been helping them for years to tackle the complexity of their IT infrastructure, achieving significant productivity increases and cost savings. Two of these projects have been selected by the prestigious @asLAN Association as candidates to the XII @asLAN Awards for Projects in the Public Administration.

The Virtual Desktop for Special Education (EVITA in its Spanish acronym) developed by the University of Murcia (UMU) is one of the projects nominated to be finalist of these awards in the category of “Bridging the digital divide and sustainability”. This pioneer VDI solution with UDS Enterprise favors the training of people with some degree of visual, hearing, physical… disability or learning difficulties. Thanks to this initiative, around 1,500 students now enjoy a better accessibility to the services and applications of the University. They can customize their EVITA desktop according to their specific needs and use it whenever they need it from any location and device.

The UMU has relied on UDS Enterprise to manage and deploy these virtual desktops. This software is also responsible for connecting the different components of the VDI architecture and providing users with access to programs and applications.

EVITA is being developed by the Area of Information Technology and Applied Communications (ATICA) and with the collaboration of the Service of Attention to Diversity and Volunteering (ADYV). It is part of the Digital Strategy of the UMU, which promotes inclusive digital services without accessibility barriers.

For more information on this nomination, see @asLAN website and the articles published in our blog about the EVITA project and its technical features.

Centralized management of 300 connected sites thanks to application virtualization

The application virtualization project with UDS Enterprise of the Badajoz Provincial Council is also candidate to be a finalist for the @asLAN Awards, in this case in the category of “Optimization and simplification of digital infrastructures”. This public administration is carrying out an innovative process of digital transformation, within which its vApp project is framed. This initiative has helped them improve the accessibility of around one thousand employees to the computer tools they need to perform their daily work. They have succeeded to centralize the management of 180 local entities and 120 offices, avoiding the displacement of the IT team throughout the province, with the consequent cost savings.

The UDS Enterprise connection broker is a key element of this project. In addition to providing unprecedented technical flexibility and helping them fix certain issues, it has allowed them to cut costs, which were skyrocketing due to the increase in the number of users of the applications. Thanks to their unlimited users subscription, the Badajoz Provincial Council has a flat rate from 350 users onwards, so they have a tight control of spending.

Thanks to our software, the Badajoz Provincial Council has been able to centralize the management and maintenance of software, standardize the workstations, store all data in one place, anticipate possible issues by monitoring the activity of the users, implement electronic administration and, among other things, save on licensing costs.

In the @asLAN website you will find all the details on this candidacy. For all the technical details of this vApp project, see our Case Study.

If your company is a member of the @asLAN Association you can vote for these applications here.

The @asLAN Awards are convened with the objective of identifying, rewarding and disseminating success stories in Digital Transformation of Public Administration that contribute to the development of new services, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Many entities and organizations belonging to the Public Administration have reached these goals using our VDI and vApp broker UDS Enterprise, hence two of our projects are among the candidates to be finalists in this awards.



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