vSphere 6.5 boosts vCenter operations

by | Oct 19, 2016

VMware announced during the event VMworld Europe which is being held this week in Barcelona anew version of vSphere, that will be compatible with containers technologies.

The new release of the hypervisor makes the work of IT admins more easy, sice it offers more automation capabilities and has more advanced management functionalities, while reinforces integrated security and supports new applications.

This features provide universal application platform that supports traditional and modern applications, and allows to run 3D graphics, Big Data, cloud-native, containerized machine learning and Software as a Service applications anywhere.

In addition, vSphere 6.5 features:

VMware vCenter Server Appliance: it will offer simplified patching, upgrading, backup and recovery, high availability and more, including a 2x increase in both scale and performance of their vCenter Server environments.

REST APIs: it will improve both the IT and developer experience by enabling greater control and automation of virtual infrastructure for modern applicationss.

VMware vSphere Client: based on HTML5, the new client will simplify the administrative experience via a modern, native tool that meets the performance and usability needs and expectations of users for day-to-day operations.

VM Encryption: new virtual machine-level encryption will protect against unauthorized data access safeguarding data at rest as well as virtual machines moved with VMware vMotion.

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers: it provides a Docker-compatible interface to their app teams enabling vSphere customers to transform their businesses with containers without re-architecting their existing infrastructure.

For further information on this and other new products announced at VMworld Europe 2016 have a look at VMware newsroom



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