Recording: eLearning & remote working with Nutanix and UDS

by | Oct 23, 2020

The current health situation has changed the priorities of IT departments, which have to provide an efficient response to the new needs of remote working and distance learning. The binomial UDS Enterprise and Nutanix offers a definitive solution with a solvency and high-level technical features that have positioned it as the quintessential hyper-converged VDI tool in today's market.

Virtual Cable, developer company of UDS Enterprise, and Nutanix hosted an interesting webinar earlier this month to help organizations of all types and sizes to know and leverage of the advantages of their joint solution. The simplified management, security and easy scalability are some of its most outstanding values, adding the freedom to choose the hardware and software components that each company decides to build its VDI infrastructure. The speed of deployment and an optimal user experience complete the virtues of this joint solution, which allows solving today’s IT challenges in an efficient and secure way.

Mondragon Unibertsitatea is one of the educational organizations that is already enjoying all these advantages. In the online session, Jesús Lizárraga, Coordinator of the Telematics Area of this university, explained how they implemented their VDI infrastructure with UDS Enterprise and Nutanix in record time. The lockdown period accelerated the launch of his project, which in one weekend went from being a pilot for very specific courses to becoming a real work environment.

Below you can find the recording of the webinar, in which Lizárraga provides all the technical details of its infrastructure. UDS Enterprise is the engine that manages and deploys virtual desktops with and without graphic card requirements, virtual applications and provides remote access to classrooms’ computers:

In addition to this University, other educational centers, public administrations and private companies have long trusted UDS Enterprise and Nutanix. You can check their experience with this joint solution reading the following Case Studies:

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Any organization interested in checking first-hand how UDS Enterprise can help them simplify IT management and implement a strong and efficient distance work and learning system in a very short time can request one of the trial versions of this VDI software.



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