What is a connection broker?

by | Apr 25, 2016

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A connection broker is a software element which connects users and resources. These resources usually are hosted in a datacenter and they can be either virtual or physical. The datacenter can be located inside the organization offices, in cloud or in a mixed environment and it can be private or rented.

From the broker administration dashboard we can define what virtual or physical resources are provided to each of our users or groups of users, for how long and with what kind of privileges.

Admins can decide, for example, which virtual desktop can acess each user, through which connection protocol and what authentication system is used to enter the system.

Some brokers even allow to setup the hypervisor we’re going to host our virtual desktops on or what application server we’re going to access. The most advanced ones enable to choose between different locations to host these services or access from third-party applications to the resources in the datacenter.

The major solutions including connection brokers are: Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View, Leostream Connection Broker, Dell vWorkspace, Ericom Connect and UDS Enterprise.



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