What software do I need to deploy a VDI platform?

by | Apr 22, 2015

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Earlier this week we published a post explaining the minimum hardware components required to deploy a VDI platform. Today we focus on the software components we may have:

-Hypervisor Software. The software that is installed on the server infrastructure and that is responsible for assigning memory, processing, network and disk resources to the virtual machines hosted on the platform.

-Virtual image machine or golden image. Virtual machine with the necessary OS and applications installed in order to perform a subsequent deployment of the virtual desktops based on this image.

-Services Broker. The software responsible for managing connections, virtual desktop pools, virtual desktop lifecycles and virtual desktop behavior. It also allows for the assignment of additional resources to the platform, such as storage, FTP services, accesses or security. In general, it is supplied as a virtual appliance hosted on the hypervisor, with some external component for administering and occasionally with a software for the client device.

-Client Device Operating System. The OS used by client devices on which the connection request to the assigned virtual desktop will be made. It must be compatible with the installed platform and it is recommended that it is easy to change for a platform adjustment or performance improvement.

If you are looking for an innovative and flexible solution, one that will also permit cost optimization and allow for updated technologies for this type of environments, have a look at this white paper.



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