Why giving Free Software this Christmas?

by | Dec 16, 2019

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Christmas is just around the corner and surely in your shopping list to surprise your loved ones there are technological items. Before buying them, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) invites you one more year to think carefully on your choice: Does it respect user rights? Does it cost much more than it should? Are we giving power to the company that develops it?

This organization recommends avoiding gadgets that include patented software created by big manufacturers and replace it with devices that run Free Software to ensure that they respect the privacy and rights of users.

To help us choosing our technological gifts, this year the FSF has also published its traditional “Ethical Tech Giving Guide“, which includes a selection of recommended articles, such as:

  • Smartphones: Purism Librem 5 and Galaxy S3 with Replicant.

  • Computers: X200 with GNU/Linux and Vikings D8.

  • Cool devices: NeuG USB True Random Number Generator, Mini Wi-Fi Adapter, Long Range Wi-Fi Adapter and VPN Router.

  • Books, music and videos: any content without digital rights management (DRM).

In this link you will find the complete specifications of these and other devices and articles recommended by the Free Software Foundation, as well as discount vouchers for devices and Free Software.

VirtualCable, the company that develops and supports UDS Enterprise, joins these recommendations, following their philosophy of support for Open Source and Free Software. Remember that our VDI connection broker is based on Open Source and we have totally free versions of our software available to the community.



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