Why organizations committed to Open Source in 2020

by | Dec 23, 2020

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The adoption of Open Source technologies by organizations has been increasing in recent years. This trend has accelerated this year due to the pandemic and, according to a survey conducted by Tidelift, the use of this type of solutions will continue to increase. The same has happened in previous crisis situations, as companies look for ways to reduce costs. And once they try them, they stick with these tools for their great benefits.

One of the most noted advantages in the Tidelift survey is savings. According to 68% of respondents, the ability to reuse code saves developers from spending as much time on their work, which improves efficiency and helps save costs. These benefits are key to understanding why 44% of organizations say they will increase the use of Open Source to develop applications.

Another main reason is the elimination of vendor lock-in. Open Source software provides the freedom to work with the technologies that best suit the needs of the business, and to switch from one to another with great ease when it is convenient. 40% of inquired cite this added value as one of the most noticeable.

Taking care of the developers in the company has become a key point for many organizations, which increasingly value the talent of these professionals. 31% affirm that one of the reasons that influence the adoption of Open Source technologies is the increase in the satisfaction of its developers. Most prefer to use this type of technology.

An interesting fact is that thanks to the greater use of open source, companies actively contribute to the development of projects that are available to the entire community. 83% of businesses play a part in these developments and practically half have policies to regulate their contributions.

To delve into the conclusions of this survey, you can consult all the information at Tidelift website.

The original article is available at opensource.com



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