Will 2019 be the year of Linux?

by | Dec 21, 2018

All signs point to the fact that Linux expansion will continue to be unstoppable next year. This OS is improved every year with the help of the broad community of users that contribute to its development. Thanks to them, this free operating system is getting faster, more versatile and more secure.

As the NetworkWorld publication points out in this article, today it can be said that Linux is the most used operating system in areas such as Internet of Things, cloud, supercomputing and artificial intelligence. The use of Linux virtual desktops, as well as Linux virtual applications is also growing more and more.

A clear example of the latter is the use of Linux VDI in educational centers with the UDS Enterprise connection broker. Currently, universities deploy thousands of Linux virtual desktops using this software.

The high demand for this OS has also been crucial for the decision to incorporate the possibility of managing and deploying Linux vvApp in the list of features of this connection broker.

Another aspect that shows the importance of this system is the large number of events related to Linux scheduled for next year worldwide. The same happens with the numerous releases of new versions of the different distros planned for 2019. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Debian 10. The compatibility with SMB3 encrypted shared resources mounted as CIFS/SMB will be improved.

  • Ubuntu 19.04 . It will incorporate integration with Android and most likely the Open Source web browser Chromium and Steam.

  • Fedora 30 . It will include Ruby 2.6, it will allow to use per-boot-entry configuration files, and will enable the Python Generators by default.

The boom of all these new technologies mentioned above predicts a very good year for Linux. So if this trend is confirmed 2019 could be the year of this SO.



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