XCP-ng webinar, UDS Enterprise expansion and Azure Marketplace

by | Apr 8, 2019

In our post today we take a look at the most read articles in our blog during the last month. In the first place, we find the news including the recording of the webinar that we hold together with our technological alliance Vates: "Full Open Source VDI stack: UDS Enterprise + XCP-ng + Xen Orchestra". We remind that all those who attended the webinar or access to the recording on demand will be able to enjoy interesting discounts on the three components of this cost-effective solution for application and desktop virtualization.

Regarding our most read posts in the past month of March, in second place is the article dealing with the expansion of UDS Enterprise, which currently deploys and manages millions of virtual desktops and applications in the five continents. The reasons that have led more than 1,500 organizations around the world to request one of the UDS Enterprise versions are analyzed in this article.

The availability of UDS Enterprise in Azure Marketplace ranks third in the Top 3 most visited articles. This post details the advantages of using this connection broker together with Microsoft’s cloud service to simplify the administration of cloud application and desktop virtualization infrastructures and save costs.

Find below the links to these articles in case you have not yet had the opportunity to read them:

On demand webinar: UDS Enterprise + XCP-ng + Xen Orchestra

1,500 companies worldwide deploy VDI with UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise in Microsoft Azure Marketplace



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