Xen Orchestra, the turnkey solution for XenServer and XCP-ng

by | Sep 27, 2018

If you’re using XenServer or the Open Source hypervisor based on this latter XCP-ng, there’s one solution that can make administration and management much more easier for you. Xen Orchestra is an interface that provides you with all the tools needed to rule your infrastructure in an efficient and easy way.

With a user friendly web interface, Xen Orchestra simplifies IT tasks such as VM creation and management and offers interesting metrics, statistics and backup reports directly on Slack. This out of the box solution monitors your whole platform. You get a full overview of all your resources from anywhere and using any device.

In addition, Xen Orchestra includes tools to secure your insfrastructure through complete backup or continuous replication and helps you creating a disaster recovery strategy.

It also works as a cloud initiator, since it incorporates multiple authentication providers, ACLs, group management and many other features to bring your VMs platform to the cloud.
There’s a Free Edition available with basic features and community support which is perfect to test the solution and three subscriptions including different tools, pro support and monthly updates.

This turnkey solution is developed and supported by Vates, the company behind XCP-ng. This firm is VirtualCable’s technology Alliance, and the VDI & vApp connection broker UDS Enterprise is the first VDI solution compatible with XCP-ng with the official XCP-ng Ready certification.

For further information visit the Xen Orchestra website.



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