Artificial Intelligence drives efficiency in desktop virtualization

by | Oct 30, 2023

Virtual Cable presents its advances in the implementation of AI in UDS Enterprise at Cloud Expo Europe Madrid.
Virtual Cable presenta avances en IA en Cloud Expo Europe

How can AI affect virtualization processes?

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a fundamental trend that has significantly impacted various aspects of technology and the world of work in recent years. AI is redefining the way companies manage and optimize their resources, which has led to substantial improvements in the efficiency and automation of operations. As AI advances, its influence on all types of technologies used in the world of work, such as desktop virtualization, becomes increasingly evident, providing new opportunities and solutions for companies.

In this rapidly evolving scenario, Virtual Cable is taking significant steps towards implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its leading VDI platform, UDS Enterprise. While the development team works on the full implementation of AI, many of the current functionalities already integrate an intelligent system that provides high levels of automation and efficiency.

Virtual Cable at the forefront of automation and the integration of intelligent systems in its solutions

The latest improvements and new developments in UDS Enterprise services (desktop virtualization, virtual applications and remote access to physical devices) include:

  • Self-cleaning of services: The platform is now able to automatically detect and remove stuck services, services generated in error, and activate “restricted mode” to prevent continuous generation of errors in a service. In addition, periodic self-cleaning and repair tasks are carried out to ensure optimal operation.
  • Intelligent service overflows: When platform’s resources run out, UDS Enterprise automatically redirects the services to what it considers the most efficient option. This functionality applies to any type of platforms, since the system supports the combination of an unlimited number, including on-premise infrastructures, any type of cloud, proprietary and open source systems.
  • Task automation: Scheduled tasks together with calendars offer greater stability to the environment. This automation not only streamlines operations, but also prevents potential errors by eliminating human intervention and applying thresholds to avoid issues.
  • Intelligent service cache: The platform automatically adjusts the creation of services based on certain parameters, adapting to users’ work habits. This feature saves resources and improves efficiency and performance.

Involved in providing maximum security in our solutions

In addition to its own developments, Virtual Cable is also working with its technology alliances to incorporate new AI options into its solutions. This is the case of its collaboration with Ironchip, a leading company in the cybersecurity sector and developer of a pioneering authentication system based on artificial intelligence, which is already integrated into UDS Enterprise. Soon, the company will reveal new agreements in this area.

“With these advances in the implementation of AI, Virtual Cable is leading the way towards a more automated, efficient and error-free work environment. These improvements benefit both users and administrators, following our maxim of providing the best user experience for both profiles. From the technical team we continue working every day to provide innovative solutions to our clients, aligned with the latest trends and technological advances,” says Javier González, Technical Director of Virtual Cable.

If you want to try first-hand all the new features incorporated into our family of VDI UDS Enterprise solutions, request your demo version here.



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