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Main improvements in UDS Actor

UDS Enterprise 2.0 incorporates a new version of the UDS Actor for all supported Windows and Linux platforms and for application virtualization.

UDS Enterprise 2.0 supports VDI Windows 2016

The new version of our software features important improvements. Among them, the number of supported operating systems for virtual desktops is extended. UDS Enterprise 2.0 enables the deployment of VDI Windows 2016. In this way, the UDS Enterprise reinforces its commitment to favor the compatibility with the latest technologies in the market today.

UDS Enterprise & OpenNebula VDI: Advantages

The VDI UDS Enterprise 2.0 connection broker supports OpenNebula as a hypervisor for accessing and managing Windows and Linux virtual desktops. In fact, our software has received the OpenNebula Ready certification, which guarantees the perfect integration of the two solutions and the correct operation of a joint infrastructure.

Among other advantages, UDS Enterprise gives OpenNebula unlimited flexibility, adds compatibility with practically any hypervisor, authenticator and connection protocol, and offers the possibility of using many of these components simultaneously.

UDS Enteprise helps to overcome 5 VDI challenges

In previous posts published in our blog we talked about the benefits of desktop virtualization included in the last report launched by IDC on Automation and flexible management of the workplace with VDI

In addition to the advantages of VDI, in this document the consulting firm also details the five main challenges most companies face when they are planning to adopt this technology:

High initial investment in hardware and licenses: Many corporations require a fast return on investment. However, this does not always occur, due to the initial investment needed. Another factor is that the cost per user makes VDI virtually unfeasible for those companies with a large amount of users.

UDS Enterprise meets the current needs of the workplace

The workplace currently has certain needs derived from an ongoing process of technological evolution that companies should meet to increase productivity while offering more agility, both in their relationship with the client and in their internal processes.

According to the reseach of IDC, relected in their latest report on the the user workplace, more and more specialized tools are required according to the user role within the company and new needs are arising for access to information as well as the execution of applications in remote users and those with mobile devices.


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