UDS Enterprise & OpenNebula VDI: Advantages

by | Nov 29, 2016

The VDI UDS Enterprise 2.0 connection broker supports OpenNebula as a hypervisor for accessing and managing Windows and Linux virtual desktops. In fact, our software has received the OpenNebula Ready certification, which guarantees the perfect integration of the two solutions and the correct operation of a joint infrastructure.

Among other advantages, UDS Enterprise gives OpenNebula unlimited flexibility, adds compatibility with practically any hypervisor, authenticator and connection protocol, and offers the possibility of using many of these components simultaneously.

The ease of use and access to virtual desktops are some of the many benefits that OpenNebula incorporates thanks to its integration with UDS Enterprise, since the broker has a very simple and intuitive interface, and allows access to desktops at any time, from Any location, device, and throught any operating system.

Managing a VDI platform with OpenNebula has become much easier with UDS Enterprise, which facilitates a centralized, unified and much faster management of the virtual desktops hosted on OpenNebula. The cross-platform connection broker controls the entire virtual desktops lifecycle and provides transparent monitoring and visibility of all the platform components and communications within the infrastructure deployed with UDS Enterprise and OpenNebula.

UDS Enterprise also allows to migrate the physical infrastructure to the cloud to centralize the entire management. The broker also optimizes the use of available resources, which are shared between different virtual desktops, allowing a better use of the resources that translates into a lower hardware requirement and, therefore, a cost savings.

The incorporation of new modules and functionalities in an infrastructure formed by UDS Enteprise and OpenNebula is an easy task and reachable by any developer, and that both solutions are Open Source. The company UDS team offers customized developments and an agile and efficient support service to solve any problems or doubts with any of the components that are integrated with the software.

VirtualCable, a developer, marketer and supporter of UDS Enterprise, and OpenNebula Systems have long been working together as Technology Partners to gather the potentials of their products and offer their customers a next-generation VDI solution .



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