Virtual Cable launches the UDS Enterprise Compatible certification program

by | May 7, 2024

Well-known manufacturers such as Nutanix, Huawei Cloud, OVHcloud and Veeam have already obtained this new certification in the field of the digital workplace.
Un profesional utilizando un teléfono móvil y un portátil en un entorno de trabajo moderno, acompañado de logotipos que destacan la compatibilidad de la plataforma UDS Enterprise.

Virtual Cable, a leading company in the development of digital workplace solutions, announces the launch of its new certification program ‘UDS Enterprise Compatible’. This program, designed to drive interoperability and integration with third-party solutions, marks a significant milestone in Virtual Cable’s commitment to delivering innovative, value-added solutions to its partners and customers. Its objective is to verify the compatibility of other products with UDS Enterprise, the renowned solution for desktop virtualization, virtual applications and remote access to physical devices.

The UDS Enterprise VDI platform, distinguished by its Open Source nature, has been developed with the ability to integrate fluidly with any hardware or software product. This strength allows clients to build customized solutions for each project, choosing each of the infrastructure components, such as the virtualization platform, hyperconvergence system, connection protocol… And even more specific aspects, such as additional security mechanisms based on AI, authentication systems, client devices and, ultimately, any type of solution.


Strategic and technological alliances: Strengthening the UDS Enterprise ecosystem

With the ‘UDS Enterprise Compatible’ program, Virtual Cable enhances this unusual added value and consolidates its open ecosystem of technological alliances, providing customers with a wide range of solutions certified as secure, stable and fully compatible options with UDS Enterprise.

Among the top-level manufacturers that have already obtained the ‘UDS Enterprise Compatible’ certification are, among others, Nutanix, Huawei Cloud, OVHcloud, Ironchip or Veeam. These alliances represent just the beginning of this program, as Virtual Cable continues to collaborate with numerous partners to expand this ecosystem of efficient and reliable solutions.

“With our ‘UDS Enterprise Compatible’ certification program, we reaffirm our commitment to continuous improvement of the extensive possibilities offered by our digital workplace solutions. With this initiative, we not only provide our clients with greater flexibility and freedom to choose, we also strengthen our relationships with leading manufacturers in the IT industry,” commented Javier González, Technical Director of Virtual Cable.

The ‘UDS Enterprise Compatible’ program is open to any manufacturer wishing to obtain this certification, as long as their solutions pass the rigorous compatibility tests established by Virtual Cable.

If you are part of the Virtual Cable technological alliances and want more information about this certification program, you can contact the company behind UDS Enterprise through this form.

If you want to join Virtual Cable’s network of technological alliances, start the process here.



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