Huelva Council: Secure hybrid working with UDS Government

by | Aug 24, 2022

Juan Alfaro Márquez, Strategic Director of Economic and Social Innovation at Huelva Provincial Council

"Above all, we needed a secure remote working solution, since sensitive data is processed within the organization and must be protected. Thanks to UDS Enterprise, we can guarantee the security of the information handled by the county council employees and the region's city councils."

Name: Huelva Provincial Council

Sector: Public Administration

Number of employees: 748

Number of municipalities: 80

Number of ofices: 5

Location: Huelva (Spain)

The Huelva Provincial Council had to face the challenge of transforming its workplaces to guarantee their accessibility from any place and device due to the circumstances derived from the pandemic. This process entails an important organizational change, including security threats. To meet its specific needs, the council has opted to implement the UDS Enterprise desktop and application virtualization technology developed by Virtual Cable. Currently, VDI solutions undoubtedly continue to consolidate as the best way to adopt a secure remote working system for both private and public organizations.

Thanks to this decision, the Huelva Provincial Council established a personalized secure hybrid working strategy quickly and efficiently. By solving this specific need, they have discovered other essential advantages of UDS Government, the Virtual Cable solution customized for the Public Administration. Among them is the possibility of joining VDI with application virtualization on the same platform. This allowed them to provide each employee with the software they use in the way that best suits their needs, guaranteeing that the performance of their virtual desktops or applications is optimized so they can get the job done without a hitch. The organization’s IT administrators are taking full advantage of other strengths of the solution, such as the ability to define user profiles through templates. This functionality makes their work as simple as possible since they only have to create, maintain and update a single template for each role within the organization. Automation, centralized management, standardization of workstations or its unbeatable and personalized user experience results in greater productivity.

The Provincial Council is a significant public organization, offering its services to other local administrations, even collaborating with some municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants. The organizational form of the council was one of the reasons they opted for UDS Government. “Managing the computer equipment of all the agencies that depend on the council is undoubtedly a complex challenge due to its geographical dispersion. The demands of this heterogeneous collaborative network called for a VDI connection broker as flexible and adaptable as possible, based on and compatible with open source software“, explains Juan Alfaro Márquez, Strategic Director of Economic and Social Innovation at the Huelva Provincial Council. Thanks to UDS Government, now the council can manage the deployment of all remote applications and desktops from a single console, which monitors and allows the entire IT network to be under control.

As explained by this public body, “this remote working project has been created with the central requirement of guaranteeing the security of the information handled by the council employees and the region’s town halls. Above all, we needed a secure solutionsince sensitive data is processed within the organization and needs to be protected”. Virtual Cable’s desktop and application virtualization technology encrypts all information from end-to-end, ensuring that sensitive data never leaves the organization. All the information is stored centrally on a server, thus avoiding problems derived from the insufficient protection that some of the workers’ personal devices may have, and minimizing the consequences of possible cyber-attacks.

The adaptability and security features of UDS Government were not the only compelling reasons for choosing this solution. “We were looking for a transparent solution for our users, that would not involve a learning period that would become a hindrance to employee productivity. Being able to continue offering our services to the citizens of Huelva quickly and efficiently became a priority”, indicates Alfaro.

The commercialization model through an annual subscription system based on the number of users was another point in favor of UDS Government. “After informing us that the software had a flat-rate option for more than 350 users that allows scaling the solution without hidden costs, we made the decision clear,” confirms the manager.


As Juan Alfaro explains, the Huelva Provincial Council is delighted with the solution’s integration. “There was a direct communication from minute zero between all parties. Both Virtual Cable and the partner InnovaSur were fully available for all kinds of queries, from licensing needs to integration of external elements such as scanners or signature pads. With the project in operation, the possibility of virtualizing applications was raised, and the implementation was fast and without issues.

The organization appreciates the personalized and close treatment that they have received from both companies. “From the proof of concept until today, we have been able to contact directly and simply with the UDS Enterprise support team, who have provided us with all their help and experience to solve our doubts and enforce our requests.”

InnovaSur, Gold Partner of Virtual Cable, has relied for years on this company’s technology to transform its clients’ workplaces. “With UDS Enterprise, we have been able to provide a strong, stable and fully tailored solution for this public body. This case has been very enriching for us and has had a common development without mishaps or incidents,” explains Juan José Prieto, CEO of InnovaSur.

In conclusion, the Huelva Provincial Council has become another example of the advantages of implementing UDS Enterprise in the public sector. The council has been enjoying all the features of quality desktop and application virtualization for months, which has made it easier for them to implement remote working during the pandemic and hybrid working today.


Broker: UDS Enterprise

Hypervisor: VMware vSphere

Connection protocols: RDP and HTML5

Authenticator: OpenLDAP

Access Devices: Any



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