People, ubiquity, and resilience drive IT trends for 2021

by | Dec 21, 2020

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The year that is about to end has marked a before and after in all sectors and professional activities. “The unprecedented socioeconomic challenges of 2020 demand the organizational plasticity to transform and compose the future,” said Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner. Looking ahead to 2021, organizations must rethink their IT strategy, taking advantage of the lessons they have been able to learn from the new scenario caused by the pandemic. The consulting firm Gartner has announced what the technological trends will be for 2021, which undoubtedly offer many clues to companies so that they can optimize their IT strategies.

The nine trends that have been highlighted are divided into three different blocks. The first of them refers to people centricity, since according to this firm, Covid-19 has reaffirmed that people are essential for business to function. And these workers need the right IT tools to do their professional activities efficiently.

The second block highlights the ubiquity of the workplace. The health crisis has highlighted the undeniable need for the workplace to be accessible from anywhere and through any device. By guaranteeing access regardless of location, businesses will be prepared for any emergency situation and employees gain freedom and mobility.

Finally, the rest of the trends are aligned with the concept of resilience. Those organizations that prove to be flexible and have a greater capacity to adapt to changes will be the ones that will best succeed in situations like the ones we have experienced this year.

The nine trends highlighted by Gartner are the following:

  • Trend 1: Internet of Behaviors

  • Trend 2: Total Experience

  • Trend 3: Privacy-enhancing computation

  • Trend 4: Distributed Cloud

  • Trend 5: Anywhere operations

  • Trend 6: Cybersecurity mesh

  • Trend 7: Intelligent composable business

  • Trend 8: Artificial Intelligence engineering

  • Trend 9: Hyperautomation

For details on the nine technology trends that will take center stage next year, check out the following article posted at Gartner website.



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