Remote PCs: New functionalities of UDS Enterprise with OpenGnsys

by | Feb 6, 2015

A few days ago we talked about the Remote PCs project developed by UDS Enterprise together with the University of Seville and the University of Malaga in order to access the computers in the ICT classroom during non-school hours.

Today we are going to deal with the new functionalities that will have UDS Enterprise working together with the Open Source management application of ICT classrooms OpenGnsys.

The connection broker UDS Enterprise has an actor that in a VDI infrastructure is included and interacts with each virtual machine. In the case of the Remote PCs project, another UDS actor must be installed in the physical computer so that it can perform different functions, such as notify to the broker whether the PC is or not available so that it can be assigned, alert the user when to finish the session because the computer is no longer available or launch remote scripts within the operating system itself. In addition, this actor is also responsible for determining each PC boot time and the period of time during which the computer can be accessed from outside the classroom, thus facilitating the control of the PCs.

Another option that will be provided thanks to UDS Enterprise is to reflect the availability of the classrooms that can be used by the Remote PCs in the timetable of reservations.The broker will perform these checkings and indicate which computers or classrooms are available in each moment. Thus, in the online reservations of classrooms an avaliable Pool of services will be shown if there is a “Reserve for Remote PC” .



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