UDS Enterprise 3.6 stable version released

by | Jun 22, 2023

During the prominent event, Digital Enterprise Show, taking place in Malaga, Virtual Cable, a leading manufacturer of desktop and application virtualization solutions, announced the release of version 3.6 of their UDS Enterprise software. This new version introduces a series of significant improvements in security, creating a more secure digital workplace environment for organizations.

UDS Enterprise 3.6: Strengthening security and expanding multi-cloud virtualization

The growing threat of malware attacks has become a constant concern for companies and entities worldwide. These attacks can compromise the security of data and systems, resulting in financial losses and damage to reputation. In this context, desktop and application virtualization has proven to be a highly effective solution for strengthening organizational security. Virtual Cable, aware of these dangers, has dedicated its efforts to continuously enhancing the security aspects of their leading solution, UDS Enterprise, culminating in its latest version.

Javier Gonzalez, Technical Manager of Virtual Cable, emphasized the importance of enhancing the security capabilities of UDS Enterprise, highlighting “the inclusion of native two and multi-factor authentication, integration of third-party MFA solutions such as Google authentication, and an innovative Zero Trust configuration.” Additionally, a mechanism has been developed to ensure that the configuration assistants for UDS components are exclusively carried out via HTTPS.

This new version not only includes improvements in cybersecurity. UDS Enterprise 3.6 offers support for Huawei Cloud, expanding the multicloud options along with other OpenStack-based platforms. Furthermore, collaboration with AWS and Microsoft Azure has been undertaken to ensure the interoperability and secure deployment of Windows and Linux virtual desktops. Support for the SPICE protocol in Proxmox has also been added, enabling the construction of a VDI platform with optimized performance for audio, video, and graphics-intensive applications, completely free of charge. Additionally, the user experience on mobile devices has been improved through optimized HTML5 connections using Docker containers. The Virtual Cable team will be present at booth 1B224 of the Digital Enterprise Show throughout the event to clarify any doubts about this new version and provide live demonstrations of the new functionalities.

Several Virtual Cable clients have had the opportunity to test the improvements in UDS Enterprise 3.6 and have shared their experiences. Here are some testimonials:

Valencia City Council

Fco. Javier Martínez Cervera, Head of the Systems Office of the Information and Communication Technology Service of the City Council of Valencia, emphasized the importance of authentication: “For the Ajuntament de València, native dual-factor authentication is essential as it protects us from potential attacks involving unauthorized access to security keys. Moreover, within the implemented Security Policy, it is considered one of the indispensable aspects.” He also highlighted the improvement in statistics handling for remote working management.

Badajoz Provincial Council

Eladio Maqueda, Head of the Systems Section of the Digital Transformation and Tourism Area of the Provincial Council of Badajoz, highlighted that “MFA represents a significant increase in security. Above all, it allows us to comply with required regulations. But apart from legislations, MFA prevents identity theft and ensures that the applications are used by authorized personnel.” He also emphasized that not allowing HTTP connections ensures that all communications are encrypted, preventing user information and keys from being transmitted in clear text over the network.

Polytechnic University of Valencia

Josep Vicent Roselló i Vila, from the Systems of Information and Communications Department at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, stated: “We have a VDI service called PoliLabs using UDS Enterprise, which allows our users to access the applications and software of our university. This service is accessible from the internet and does not require a VPN for simplified access. MFA enables us to perform a second verification of the user’s identity.” He also highlighted that the multicloud capabilities of UDS Enterprise will allow them to expand their service pools in the Azure cloud, improving service availability.

University of Malaga

Juan Jesús Farfán Leiva, Technical Deputy Director of Virtual Education and Technological Laboratories at the University of Malaga, in addition to emphasizing the mentioned advances in cybersecurity, expressed enthusiasm for the added cloud capabilities in this new version. He said, “The improvements in meta pool management and access to public clouds such as AWS or Azure allow us to optimize and utilize on-premise and cloud resources together in a completely transparent manner for the users.”

You can check the extensive list of new features incorporated into UDS Enterprise 3.6 in this document.

We invite you to try a demo version of UDS Enterprise 3.6 so that you can personally experience the advantages of this new release: Request your free trial

If you want to make the most of the new functionalities in this release, don’t miss the following on-demand webinar, where you can watch a comprehensive technical demo of this new version: Watch recording

We recommend all users with a previous version of our software to update their installations. Additionally, we would like to remind you that UDS Enterprise 3.0 is no longer supported.

In the Documentation section of our website, you will find all the manuals and technical documents related to this new release. And on our YouTube channel, the Installation and Configuration tutorial for UDS Enterprise 3.6 videotutorial is now available.

We will be happy to address any questions regarding this new version through [email protected]



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