UDS Enterprise Advanced Dual Cache System

by | Jun 23, 2020

One of the differential features of UDS Enterprise is its Advanced Dual Cache System. This innovative system streamlines access, saves resources, and optimizes the operation of desktop virtualization platforms.

Thanks to this development, it is possible to smartly and automatically manage the full life cycle of virtual machines. The platform administrator can define the maximum number of machines that will be accessible, how many will be configured and switched on to be immediately delivered to users when they request access, how many must remain in this state as they are assigned, etc. In this way there will always be a series of machines configured, powered on and available, completely eliminating waiting times for users.

In addition, several desktops can be set to remain configured and ready, but not powered on, so that when necessary they will start immediately but, since they are not constantly powered on, do not consume CPU resources and memory.

All these values can be modified automatically based on a calendar or through the task scheduler. In this way, at each moment of the day, the number of machines necessary for users to access immediately is prepared in the system. The rest are stopped, releasing load from the hypervisor platform, and, therefore, saving electricity consumption.

The administrator can define the following parameters:

  • Maximum number of services in L1 Cache: delimits the number of users who will be able to use the desktops available on the platform. It is the maximum number of users that can connect at the same time.

  • Services available initially in L1 Cache: number of services configured, switched on and ready to be delivered to users as soon as they request access. It is the number of users estimated to access their desktops at a specific time.

  • Services to keep available in L1 Cache : number of services configured, switched on and ready to be delivered to users as soon as they request access. It is the number of services that will remain free. The system gets them from the L2 Cache as long as users occupy those that are available. This parameter guarantees access without waiting times to the L1 Cache, since there will always be machines ready and free.

  • Services in L2 Cache: Services prepared, configured, and not switched on. This is the number of services that will be ready to jump to the L1 Cache when needed. The system only has to turn on these machines to meet the demands of the L1 Cache, avoiding waiting times. In the background, the system will be creating, configuring, turning off, and storing new virtual desktops in the L2 Cache for when they are requested from the L1 Cache.

The interaction of all the components that make up the Advanced Dual Cache System allows to manage the life cycle of the machines in a completely dynamic way. The desktops are constantly created and destroyed automatically and the system can be scheduled to provide service with no waiting times, modifying the parameters by days, hours… to meet in a highly efficient way the specific needs of each moment.

The following video illustrates the operation of the UDS Enterprise Advanced Dual Cache System:

As you can see, this pioneering system is fully configurable and automates at the highest level the creation, destruction, activation, and provision of desktop to users. The perfect interoperability of the different elements streamlines processes to the maximum and simplifies the work of the hypervisor platform, which performs the tasks gradually, eliminating peak stresses derived from moments of high demand.

This smart use of resources also results in significant cost savings, since only the essential machines remain on to guarantee optimum availability and quick access, saving energy and platform costs.

If you want to explore the possibilities of the innovative UDS Enterprise Advanced Dual Cache System, request one of the free trial versions of our VDI and vApp broker.UDS Enterprise Advanced Dual Cache System.



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